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Special Master Profile

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...Problems are the hills that Special Masters must climb. Hills of people, of documents, of a project or case in chaos that seems impossible to organize and resolve. Subcontractors, insurance coverage issues, indemnity, experts, understanding the industry or subject matter of the dispute, pretrial orders, keeping the case moving, all require special skills to increase the probability of success.

Being a Special Master is not about telling lawyers and their clients and claims adjustors what to do. It is about defining a problem, developing a discovery and case processing plan, formulating a fix, apportioning how the fix will be paid, determining coverage and indemnity issues, and working cooperatively to accomplish these goals.

A Special Master must maintain a delicate balance between pushing the participants to resolution, but not pushing too hard as to be counter-productive. A Special Master must try to make rulings by consensus first, then by making recommendations to the Court. Both of these concepts are promoted by creating a comprehensive pretrial order with "teeth" to move the case forward.

A Special Master must keep the Court, the parties, the lawyers and the claims adjustors informed as to what will happen before it does happen. And a Special Master must never ever embarrass the Court, the lawyers, the parties or the claims adjustors. Randy Wallace has managed residential and commercial construction projects. He has defended and prosecuted construction defects and other complex cases. He can do foundation work to finished cabinetry. He prides himself in transforming chaos into order, in being pragmatic and working through consensus to resolve a dispute. He welcomes the opportunity to utilize his skills and work with you.