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J. Randolph Wallace

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Mediator Profile

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Mediation presents perplexing problems.

Mediation is not about playing hardball. It is about using the entire ball park to resolve the dispute; only then can the process work to permit intelligent people to make sensible decisions to solve their problems.

A mediator's job is to know when to listen and when to talk in order to help attorneys and their clients solve their problems.

A mediator must be a quick study. He or she must have the ability to connect with the participants working as partners in order to build the necessary relationships that increase the probability of success.

A mediator must be genuine and candid. He or she must not be afraid to tell the participants what they do not want to hear, but tell them with trust and respect for the process.

Randy Wallace comes to a mediation prepared; prepared to adapt and customize the process for the individual case; prepared to analyze both sides of the lawsuit from the skills he gained from over 30 years as trial attorney and handling more than 300 mediations. His persistence, patience, resolve and sense of humor create an atmosphere to maximize resolution for your clients.

A mediator is only as good as the parties and lawyers he or she works with...