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J. Randolph Wallace

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Problems... Sometimes they come in waves. No one consults a lawyer without having them...

All of these problems have a common theme... a financial, emotional, psychological, and/or philosophical investment. This investment makes the problem more than just a legal issue. It requires that the lawyer look at these problems and the investment as a whole remembering the problem is about real people; remembering that the client should be told what actions can be taken to solve these problems, the consequences of taking those actions, and remembering to consider all the possibilities.

Randy Wallace brings the skills of a litigator, the approach of a mediator, and the mindset of a problem solver to every case. Randy's experience, reputation for hard work and fairness, and presence in the community enhance his ability to successfully tackle the problems presented by his clients.

His office welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

Where solutions are fashioned for problems...