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J. Randolph Wallace

Courthouse Square
1000 Fourth Street
Suite 580
San Rafael, CA 94901
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...A lawyer must know the landscape where clients' problems arise.

Randy Wallace knows the Judges, the Lawyers, the Mediators and the Juries. He has the experience of practicing law in Marin County and the Greater Bay Area for over 30 years involving a cornucopia of practice areas.

He also is no stranger to the courtroom. He uses his skills as a mediator to advocate for his clients and his experience as a trial attorney to evaluate their cases.

Although Randy enjoys the adrenaline of trial work, settling a case favorably for a client, avoiding the uncertainty and stress of a trial, is an equal, if not better accomplishment, than receiving a verdict.

What creates a good lawyer? Approaching a problem with zeal and rigor, preparation, knowledge of the legal issues, familiarity with the industry or area where the problem originates and always remembering that a lawyer is only as good as his or her current case.

Every client deserves a good lawyer to handle their problems...